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No matter where you come from:

Willow can assist as you on your journey to a better destination.


It is our goal to help kids impacted by poverty and students of color feel equal. We help families find out how they fit in.

  1. Willow kids will be academically prepared kids. Your child will be ready for high school, college, and career. We will teach the twenty-first-century skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, conflict-resolution, and communication. Employers and universities don’t want staff who can take tests or run a cash register. Instead, they are looking for students who have learned how to communicate, create, solve problems, and work as a group. There’s an interesting study that points out clearly that the public school system does what it was designed to do 150 years ago. It separates the wheat from the chaff instead of preparing all students for success.
  2. Willow kids will emerge with a strong sense of emotional intelligence. Their relationships with teachers, staff, and students will be based on trust. We will respond to student needs. Relationships, emotional connections, and safety are important. Willow Public School Students will find equity.
  3. Willow kids will experience joy. Students will find lessons invigorating and not boring. Imagine a custom crafted liberal arts middle school where each student will be prepared to reach for their hopes, dreams, and passions.



Willow does education differently

Rather than use a traditional educational model where teachers tell students what’s important, we’ll ask kids what is important — what they are interested in — and build a program to meet their needs. Willow is also different because we are focused on personalized learning.

We look closely, find a student’s strengths and build upon those strengths. We will also discover where a student needs help and assist them as they develop skills. The beginning of each lesson plan is “What cool thing can we do today to learn lots and have fun with the kids.” Students will move on at their own pace.

When a student reaches mastery, they are ready to progress. It is intuitive that students learn at different rates. Willow will discover how each student works and focus on the individual and their pace. Students will learn until the subject matter is mastered. We offer no letter grades. Instead, we share portfolios that show each student’s mastery.

Willow's foundation is rigorous and innovative team teaching. Staff and teachers will work together in the classroom and on campus to form a complete learning environment. Class periods will be longer to allow time for more discovery and creative thinking. For example, science and math are taught together in what we call the “Inquiry block.” Language, art, and history together meet in the "Humanities block." We will group students by skill, ability, and interest.

Outcomes are key. Willow students will be prepared to be innovative and successful in high school so that, when they leave high school, they are ready for college or an interesting career.

Smaller is better. We will know every kid and every family. Parents will be involved. We are a small school with extra teacher's aids and a focus on organization. We often have two or more mentors per classroom (Lead teacher, aide, community experts, administrative folks,  staff...) Willow Public School classrooms will always contain many bilingual adults so language will never be a barrier to learning. Willow mentors will coach you on how to be ready for life, not just how to pass the test.


A good day at school starts with an excellent breakfast

Every school day begins with breakfast; Willow will provide tasty and healthy food, all prepared from scratch in our kitchen. Plus we’ll often grow our meals in the campus garden.

Our campus health center will support student health and well-being..

Uniforms make schools better. We will offer low-cost and comfortable uniforms.

Inclusiveness is essential. We start each day with a small group meet-up for everyone (we call it "Crew"). Nutrition, social, and emotional learning come before academic learning. Only when kids are fed and emotionally comfortable are they ready to learn. We give kids the skills to address life problems before academic problems. Community building, conflict resolution, and collaboration (the 3 Cs) start each day. Each student has value. Each student will be included. Each student will find joy, and trust, and safety at Willow Public School.


Willow costs nothing. Every student will receive their very own laptop for FREE. Transportation is FREE too.