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Willow Public School is a tuition-free public charter school designed to offer a more personalized experience for students in grades 6-8. The school uses the best in research-based educational practices to prepare students to be successful in honors and AP courses in high school. This puts students on the path to success in college and career.

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Students learn the power of working with others toward a common goal. All scholars participate in service projects that benefit their community. From building a community garden, to walking dogs at the Humane Society, to performing music for senior citizens, Willow scholars give of themselves in the service of others.


Our Values


  • Equity: At Willow Public School equity means all scholars receive an education that prepares them for a full, meaningful life.  Students hone their strengths, get support where they struggle, and learn to overcome obstacles. Students are prepared to take on the challenges of high school, college, career, and life.

  • Excellence: At Willow Public School excellence means scholars strive to be better every day. Teachers encourage and support scholars to meet the individual goals set in the Personal Learning Plan. Our goal is to send all Willow scholars to high school above grade level in all subject areas so they are ready for advanced and honors courses.

  • Passion: At Willow Public School passion means pursuing education with joy and purpose. Students learn to direct their own education so that they are engaged in meaningful and inspiring work.

  • Community: At Willow Public School community means that we are all connected. We know that scholars do better academically and socially when they are given the skills to build strong relationships and are part of a strong, caring community. More importantly, these skills allow children to grow into joyful, productive, and caring adults.