Fresh, healthy, and tasty.

Each student eats real food. 


Picture a school cafeteria lunch. What comes to mind? Pizza, Tater Tots, chicken nuggets? That's not what the cafeteria at Willow will look like. We'll cook everything from scratch and make sure we offer quality and kid-friendly options.

We are focused on making sure each Willow scholar eats healthy, well balanced, made-fresh meals with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and few if any processed foods. Many students get half their calories from meals eaten at school, and we plan to make sure kids are getting high quality fuel for learning.


The Salad Bar

Salad bars are a usually a huge hit because kids like to choose what they eat. At Willow we will offer fresh fruits and vegetables with a ‘Take What You Want, But Eat What You Take.’ suggestion to reduce waste.

Fresh and (really) local food

The Willow garden will be a learning tool for kids, as well as a source of delicious fresh and local food for the cafeteria. Kids who spend 20 minutes outside are  better able to focus and when kids plant and harvest the produce themselves, they’re more likely to eat it.


Yes, we proudly cook every breakfast and lunch from scratch with nutritious and tasty real food.