We believe in the joy and adventure of learning.

This job is hard.

You will work long hours. You will be asked to care about every person in the building, kids and adults alike. You will be constantly challenged to be an excellent teacher, because our kids deserve nothing but the best teacher in every classroom, every day.


This job is joyous.

You will have the honor of celebrating success with our kids and their families. You will see how you make a difference in the lives of children. You will join a group of adults that love what they do. You will smile every day because you know you are changing the world.


This job is important.

Our staff is dedicated to empowering our scholars to live joyous, fulfilling, and productive lives. We work with urgency and dedication because our kids are worth it.


What about curriculum?

Willow uses the Summit Learning Platform. This tool empowers teachers to customize instruction and meet each scholar’s unique needs. It helps scholars connect their long term goals to their daily actions. Scholars move at their own pace to learn skills, apply those skills to real world projects and reflect on their learning. As a mentor, you help facilitate this process by supporting scholars as they set short and long term goals, and coach them through the process.


Open Position

Kitchen Subs

The Willow kitchen is in need of subs who can step in and help out with breakfast or lunch service on short notice. We make meals from scratch, so a solid knowledge of cooking is a must.

You'll need good knife skills, time management and the ability to think on your feet. Our cook comes in at 6 am, and we have the kitchen cleaned up by two on any given day. All or some portion of those hours would need to be your availability.

Pay is dependent on experience. Please email Heidi McFarley, Food Program Director, if you’re interested. We need subs in October, and so we’d like to bring qualified persons in for training and job shadowing as soon as possible. Thank you!