Middle school matters and Willow is worth it.

When I was in third grade, my family moved across town. I went to an excellent public elementary school, but my sister was entering middle school, and my parents wanted to make sure she continued to have an excellent education. As an 8-year-old, I was not happy to change schools and leave my friends and teachers. I was annoyed that I had to move so that my sister could go to a good school when I was already going to a great school. I missed the house I grew up in. 


Many many years later, I understand why my parents made the decision to change schools. As a teacher, I attended training about the outcomes of my first district’s secondary students. I was baffled. I had moved from that district to an affluent suburban area as a child, and all of my peers went on to college and other post-secondary options. My experiences and my peers’ experiences in high school did not match the statistics I was hearing, and I was shocked to be so unaware.  I also realized that is was likely these same statistics that prompted my parents’ decision to move.  I had an excellent secondary education with tons of curricular and extracurricular options that supported my choices after high school. My family looked for alternatives and had the means to move us to the best option. However, not everybody has the opportunity to shop around for the best middle school then move to that neighborhood. 

Willow Public School is different. As an open-enrollment charter school, Willow Public School is open to any student entering grades 6 or 7. Whether students went to Blue Ridge, Green Park, College Place, or elsewhere, Willow is an option. Families do not have to pick up and move to attend Willow. We will offer an engaging curriculum, a supportive community, and diverse extracurriculars to grow students’ interests and skills.  Although starting a new school can be tough, I have come to realize it can be worth it. Middle school matters and Willow is worth it.

To find out more about how Willow=Different, check out info about our planned learning, healthy food, 1:1 laptops, community, and joyful academics.