Willow awarded $250,000 grant!

As we enter our second month of school, we have some inspiring news. The New Schools Venture Fund has awarded Willow a $250,000 grant! New Schools invests in organizations that promote innovation in education, and Willow was one of only 19 schools in the country to receive an award. Specifically, they recognize our efforts to tie personalized learning with a deep commitment to social and emotional learning, as well as our involvement of the community in the creation of Willow.

I continue to be humbled by the support we receive — whether it is an email from a parent telling us how life-changing Willow has already been, to donations from our community, to a significant grant award from a national organization supporting innovation in education. 

The smiles of kids every day also buoy me. Changing schools is difficult. Asking kids to do something they have never been allowed to do -- participate in the creation of their own education -- is doubly difficult. However, each day we make steps in the right direction. Yes, we stress about the kids who struggle and work to provide wrap-around services so they can be successful. But we refuse to let these kids fall through the cracks. It will take time, but we are getting there. And that's why we do this work.