Community Excursions demonstrate how everyone at Willow values our community.

They are a big hit with scholars too!

If you’re out and about in the community on Wednesdays, you may see a parliament of Willow Owls. (In case you’re wondering, a group of owls is a parliament!) Every Wednesday, Willow scholars travel with staff and volunteers to community locations for Excursions. The visits serve several purposes: art, physical fitness, support for in-class projects, standalone projects, and sometimes just plain fun.

Scholars demonstrate that they are prepared to go on Excursions after signing a contract that covers scholar safety, respect, and behavior expectations. They debrief and reflect on the excursions both in Crew and in follow-up lessons the next day. Scholars continue to go on Excursions by following all the terms of their contract: they keep themselves and others safe, comply with requests, show respect for community partners, and participate in their learning.

The Excursions will rotate on a weekly basis, giving most of the scholars a chance to see various places in the community. Look for new and exciting Community Excursions to come! If you have an idea or would like to accompany Willow scholars on a Wednesday outing, please contact Katie Christianson, or Amanda Yuen, or call the Willow office at (509) 593-5700.

Community Partners:

  • Stardust Lanes

  • Walla Walla Public Library

  • Colville Street Patisserie

  • Walla Walla Community College Water Center

  • Kirkman House Museum

  • Rodney Outlaw (Intro to Digital Music Production in the CrewSpace at WWPL)

  • City of Walla Walla government

  • Heidi McFarley, Kitchen Director at Willow

  • Whitman College Theater Department

  • Bright’s Candies

Brenda McDonald