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Dress Code


We feel that having a standard of dress promotes unity, professionalism, high expectations, and equality and inclusion for all students. All Willow students are required to follow our school dress code every day of the week.

Students arriving to school without an appropriate uniform will be asked to contact their parent/guardian to make corrections as needed. Until the proper uniform correction is made, students will be withheld from class or sent home and will have to make the time up after school.


What To Wear

  • Uniform shirts must be purchased from us directly. Items are now available for purchase at our Willow Store.

  • Jeans or other pants (must have on leggings if pants have holes), shorts (must be fingertip length)

  • Shoes:

    • Close toed shoes are required for the Maker Space

    • Athletic shoes for fitness


What Not To Wear

  • Garments with offensive sayings or inappropriate words or logos such as those related to drugs, alcohol or tobacco

  • High heels

  • Shower shoes or "sliders"

  • Hats or bandannas of any kind