• Begin by injecting JOY into every step of the process.
  • Vision: A short and friendly vesion of the Willow vision.
  • Careers: Short and student focused descriptons of availble positions.
  • Projects: Mid-length descriptions of upcoming Willow projects with sponsorship opportunities.
  • Academics: A college bulletin style list of all classes that will be offered and the details of what students will learn and how they will grow in each class. Remember: Willow kids will be academically prepared for high school, college, and career.
    • Classes
    • Technology
    • Athletics
    • Arts
      • Music
      • Visual Arts
      • Theater
  • Student Life: A list of avaiable extra-curricular activities that will be available to students and how students will benefit from these activities. Remember to show how kids will gain emotional intellegence from these activities. Let's include travel opportunities here. Meals are important too and the scratch kitchen can be covered here.
  • Parent life: It might be interesting to cover the leanrning opportunities for parents too...
  • Give: Let's outline giving opportunities and create a store where donors can "buy" items that will benefit students at Willow. We must also outline volunteer opportunities.
  • Events: Let's fill up the events page with an outline for what events might be like for the first year. We can always edit later.
  • Why Willow: Let's start to outline the reasons why a Willow education will benefit students. This is a great opportunity to start to develop a clear and compelling message. Consider using some details from the Creative Brief product description.
  • Weekly blog posts. More often is better. These will be reflected on social media as well.
  • Anxiety and Depression resouce page.
  • Charter school pros and cons page.

David’s projects: 

  • Continued message development in tandem with the Willow team.
  • Continued website development.
  • Direct mail: Mail postcard one. Design and mail postcard two and three.
  • Identity: Design email signature.
  • Personal Contact: Design Flyer. Design Tent for Spring and Summer events.
  • Building: Design sign, A-frame sign, and wayfinding system.
  • Uniforms: Choose backpack. Consider laptop sleeve. Design water bottles. Assist with uniform policy and uniform order. Develop webiste store for uniforms and such.
  • Swag: Note pads, balloons, frisbee, tote bags, lip balm, wristbands, pencils, pens. Consider battery backup.
  • Develop marketing calendar and sequence of events in tandem with the Willow team.
  • Propose social media management.
  • At Press: Postcard One, Presentation Folder (Partial), Table Runners, Lanyards.

Remember our Most Important Point

  1. Willow kids will be academically prepared kids. Your child will be ready for high school, college, and career. We will teach the twenty-first-century skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, conflict-resolution, and communication. Employers and universities don’t want staff who can take tests or run a cash register. Instead, they are looking for students who have learned how to communicate, create, solve problems, and work as a group. There’s an interesting study that points out clearly that the public school system does what it was designed to do 150 years ago. It separates the wheat from the chaff instead of preparing all students for success.
  2. Willow kids will emerge with a strong sense of emotional intelligence. Their relationships with teachers, staff, and students will be based on trust. We will respond to student needs. Relationships, emotional connections, and safety are important. Willow Public School Students will find equity.
  3. Willow kids will experience joy. Students will find lessons invigorating and not boring. Imagine a custom crafted liberal arts middle school where each student will be prepared to reach for their hopes, dreams, and passions.

Willow will prepare kids to be academically, socially and emotionally competent. Willow teachers care about the emotional safety and success of each student.