We can do school better.

We owe our student-scholars the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for a rapidly changing world.


Ask most kids why they go to school and they will tell you “because I have to.” Imagine if there was a school where kids went because they want to. That is Willow Public School.

At Willow Public School, our student-scholars are at the center of the learning experience. Each scholar is aware of what they are learning, why it is important, and how it fits with their personal learning and life goals. Scholars become self-directed learners while also developing the mindsets, behaviors, and skills for success in high school, college, and a career of their choice. Every Willow scholar is academically prepared for their next step.

At Willow, every staff member cares about every scholar and no kid will ever fall through the cracks. The school has been intentionally designed to stay small (just 120 scholars for the first year and never more than 225 scholars in middle school). This allows the staff and each scholar to build a strong school culture based on positive relationships. Every Willow scholar will have a strong sense of themselves, will be able to build healthy relationships, strive for equity, and social justice.

Scholars participate in engaging, hands-on projects where they learn valuable skills needed to lead meaningful, productive, and joyous lives. These skills include:

  • communicating effectively

  • working with others toward a common goal

  • contributing to the community of the school

  • caring for others

  • learning to advocate for themselves

Willow is a school where all scholars strive to live with joy, learn with purpose, and serve others.

We owe each scholar the chance to become engaged, contributing members of society. Most of all, we owe them our commitment and support so that they can reach their full potential. We owe them the fire of education.


Each Willow scholar helps craft their own education plan designed to meet their needs. Plans are accessible to parents, staff, and families.