Registration Checklist

Here is a handy checklist of all the papers we will give to you, and all the papers you'll need to give back to us!

  1. Student Registration Form:  Just four pages!
  2. Immunization Certification: Proof of current immunizations are required for entrance to public school. In recent years, whooping cough and measles outbreaks in Washington state have shown the importance of these vaccinations. If any scholar is unvaccinated for any reason, the parent or guardian must provide a Certificate of Exemption.
  3. Race/Ethnicity Form: One way we serve our scholars and their families is by finding out how they identify racially and ethnically. We can use this information to help us recognize and address different cultural needs in our student body. Willow must comply with all federal government reporting standards to receive funds from the US Department of Education. We are required to ask for this information, but you are not required to provide it.
  4. Free/Reduced Lunch Application: The federal government reimburses some of our meal expenses for scholars who qualify for free or reduced-price meals. We are committed to providing healthy, scratch-cooked meals free of charge for all of our scholars. We use this information to help reduce our local expenses.
  5. Media Release Form: We are proud of Willow and our scholars, and we post on social media. If you prefer that your scholar's photo and name not be used publicly, you may opt out. We will never sell images or information.
  6. Home Language Survey: If we know what a scholar's first language is, we can tailor language and other education. The preferred home language also tells us the best language to use with parents or guardians.


Documents we need copies of:

  1. Parent/Guardian Photo ID: Only a parent or guardian may enroll a scholar at Willow, and we are required to verify the identity of that person. '      
  2. Custody agreement/proof of guardianship: (if necessary) If an adult is not a scholar's parent, we are required to verify guardianship.
  3. Proof of student identity and age: We must verify scholar identities as well, and these documents also help establish who parents or guardians are
    1.  Birth certificate
    2. Passport    
  4. Two proofs of residency: Willow is open to 6th and 7th-grade students in the state of Washington only.
    1. Lease/rental agreement
    2. Rent receipt, showing an address
    3. Utility bill
  5. Report Card or Withdrawal Sheet: If you have one of these documents, it will help us establish eligibility and placement.