Andrea Cyrus-Medina, English Language Arts Teacher

Our English Language Arts TeacherAndrea Cyrus-Medina, was born in Seattle. At a young age, her family relocated to Southern Colorado. It was there in the high mountain desert where her Abuela taught her to eat off the land. During spring and summer in the San Juan mountains, her family fished for trout and picked wild asparagus along the Alamosa River. Andrea and her cousins also picked wild capulin berries to make jam to go with their grandma's freshly made tortillas de harina. She values the family's role in one's education and personal development.


Andrea has lived in Walla Walla since 2010. She has two elementary school-aged children: Carolina and Lukas. As a family, they adore playing with the animals at the Blue Mountain Humane Society. At home, they have one pet — Azulito, a beautiful betta fish. Every year, Andrea travels abroad to hike a different mountain range. She holds her experiences with the locals throughout Peru, Mexico, Spain, and Ireland close to her heart. 

Andrea comes to Willow after teaching at St. Basil's Academy and Walla Walla Public Schools. Her mission at Willow begins by helping each student develop their confidence and voice. She believes that for adults and children alike, a mistake holds power to unlock enormous growth and knowledge. As a teacher and mentor, Andrea will work diligently to encourage and support all the students at Willow Public School. 

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