Heidi McFarley, Food Program Director

Heidi McFarley is our Food Program Director. Her passion for food surfaced at age ten on an extended European vacation with her family, where her enthusiasm for new foods and flavors inspired her to keep a detailed culinary journal. That life-changing trip spawned a hunger to deepen her experience with language and food in other countries. After earning a French degree at Whitman College, Heidi lived in France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco. It was in those countries where she re-discovered the joys of good food and camaraderie, especially lengthy, multi-course meals and spirited conversations around the table.

In 2004, Heidi returned to Walla Walla. Since then she has created memorable experiences around food that showcase the best of the Walla Walla Valley. At her restaurant, Red Reina Cuisine & Delicatessen, Heidi offered fresh, local and seasonal food made with love for her restaurant and catering clientele. 


When she’s not in the kitchen, Heidi was a founding member of the board of the Walla Walla Valley Farm to School program (where she served for four years) and enjoys teaching cooking classes to people of all ages.

Heidi's a proud mother of a toddler son and enjoys playing piano, dancing on roller skates, and entertaining at her mountain home in the Blues.

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