Jennifer Beckmeyer, Board Treasurer

Board Treasurer Jennifer Beckmeyer brings experience in bilingual education, community organizing and community development to the board. With a BA in Spanish and ten years living and working abroad in Costa Rica, she is fluent in Spanish and very aware of the nuances of Latino culture.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Peace Education from the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica and worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Education, traveling to rural areas around the country to create community-centered plans to improve the quality of education in indigenous villages.


Since returning to Walla Walla three years ago, she has served on several coalitions focused on youth, diversity, and poverty. Her work in Walla Walla as a community organizer is what introduced her to Willow Public School and from day one it was very clear that her passions and experience aligned with the mission and vision of Willow. She currently manages the Community Development Block Grant program for the City of Walla Walla.

Her favorite place in the world is Isla Ometepe, a laid-back volcanic island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

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