Joelle Pomraning, Science Teacher

Joelle Pomraning, our Science Teacher, was born and raised in Walla Walla. She left her beautiful town to attend college at the University of Washington. After obtaining a BS in Aquatic Sciences, she spent ten years following the rivers as a biologist. During that time she became so interested in educating young people that she went back to school to gain a masters degree in education. She has extensive training in math and science, with real-world applications. Joelle is excited to continue educating in our community through Willow School.

Joelle has four amazing children: Finn, Maeve, Colt, and Kian. As a family, they spend lots of time in the pool and playing outside. Joelle and her husband will often be found on walks with their kids and spending time in their garden.


Joelle believes that relationships with students built on trust and respect are the foundations for a successful classroom experience. Her math class will be project based so students can learn while having fun.

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