Katie Christianson, Director of Culture

Katie Christianson is our Director of Culture and she comes to school leadership with a background in early childhood education, and an understanding that toddlers and middle schoolers are very alike.

A graduate of the Sherwood Trust Community Leadership Program and Collaborative Leadership Institute, Katie has put her activist chops to use in the volunteer arena, building and nurturing relationships to lead various community groups.


After years of volunteering the Walla Walla Public School District and running various businesses of her own, Katie worked with the founding team of Willow School to bring the dream to reality.

Katie’s role at Willow Public School focuses on continued relationship building to benefit students and their families. Katie is a mom to two and stepmom to three kids, Auntie to at least a dozen more, an avid skier, and adores animals, especially dogs. She is an accomplished musician and she and her husband have a band that specializes in covers of cover tunes.

Mobile: (509) 301.5143