Michelle Salazar, Social Worker

Michelle Salazar is a clinical social worker with a Master’s degree in social work from Walla Walla University. She is licensed as an Independent Clinical Social Worker Associate and has a long history of working in various non-profit organizations in our community. 

Michelle grew up in Japan but has been in Walla Walla for the past 25 years and considers it home. She is multi-lingual/multi-cultural in Japanese, Spanish, and English and enjoys traveling and meeting new people wherever she goes. She is a mother to four beautiful children and a former musician and cosmetology instructor in her past life. 

Michelle’s love and appreciation for culture and diversity along with a strong passion for social justice is reflected in the social-emotional program at Willow. Some of her role at Willow Public School includes providing brief counseling interventions to students, consulting with parents, and connecting students and families to resources in the community. 

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