Myndi Parm, Math Teacher

Myndi Parm, our math teacher, started working with children in 1993 while working at a daycare while attending Wa-Hi. During college, she worked with a diversion program for troubled youth. After she graduated from College, Myndi opened a daycare with her best friend in order to work and be with her two small children. After both her children were in school full time, Myndi went to work in the Walla Walla and College Place School District as a guest teacher, which is where she has been since 2012. Myndi has worked with children ages birth through 22, but she has found her niche with middle schoolers.

Myndi has a passion for helping guide students towards a love of knowledge. She believes every student is an individual and instruction should be customized to address their significant differences and needs. She understands how student attitudes and values influence learning and her goal is to help students build positive attitudes towards learning.

Myndi was born in Everett Washington and spent her first five years there before her family started a journey toward finding the perfect place to call home. Her family bounced around Washington for three years before they settled here in Walla Walla and planted roots. Myndi enjoyed growing up in the Walla Walla Valley. After graduating from Wa-Hi, she went on to attend Walla Walla Community College and then Walla Walla University where she earned my BS in Education with minors in Art and Psychology.

Myndi and her husband Will have two children. As a family, they enjoy camping and going on adventures. They have four dogs and a menagerie of fish. The family enjoys swimming in the summer, sledding in the winter, and everything in between.

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