Nelly Pilares, Spanish Teacher

Nelly Pilares, our Spanish Teacher, has been an educator since 1998. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Education and Visual Arts, and taught Art and Theater in Peru for several years. In 2005 she moved with her family to the USA, where she earned both an M.A and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics, Literature and Culture, and began teaching Spanish at the college level. Nelly has worked for three school districts: Minneapolis, Minnesota; Sioux City, Iowa and Walla Walla, Washington.

In 2014, Nelly started teaching Spanish at Whitman College. Nelly hopes that students’ experiences in their classes at Willow School will teach them far more than subjects matters and will cultivate an environment in which students can freely express themselves while learning in meaningful ways.


Nelly lives in Walla Walla with her husband, her two daughters, three cats, and a hamster. She loves arts and theater, and has been a theater practitioner and actress since high school. Nelly, and her husband have a theater company in Peru, where they direct shows and teach workshop, and they are currently developing a Hispanic Theater Company in Walla Walla.

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